Residents We create vibrant, affordable communities for working families and retirees and attractive vacation destinations for seasonal travelers. Most of our residents own their own high-quality manufactured home and are long-term residents in our communities. We protect their investment and enhance their quality of life by providing, in almost all communities, full-time, on-site management and maintenance teams. Many of our on-site team members live in the community. Our communities have many amenities including management offices, community activity centers, playgrounds, pools and guest parking. We sponsor frequent social events and arrange programs with local social service organizations. In most of our communities we maintain the roads, parking areas, street lighting and common landscaping to enhance the appeal of the neighborhood. We have a history of long-term ownership of our communities and so are dedicated to providing an attractive, safe, welcoming neighborhood for our residents.

Other Owners For owners of manufactured housing communities and recreational vehicle resorts who wish to sell their property, Inspire Communities offers abundant capital, experienced underwriting and timely closing, and flexible structures. We can buy for all-cash. We can cooperate in a seller's §1031 exchange. We can issue partnership units in our company so a seller can defer all of its taxable gain and can participate in the growth of the company. We anticipate significant value creation as we increase the scale of the company.

For owners who no longer wish to manage their properties, we selectively welcome third-party management contracts. We bring decades of experience in all aspects of operating manufactured housing communities and recreational vehicle resorts, throughout the country. We can integrate new communities into our national operating platform and support the local management team with specialists in sales, marketing and training, lending, construction and accounting.